Jasson Derulo sings from the balcony after his show was canceled

Jason Derulo (29) surprised his fans by deciding to sing from his balcony after his concert in Prague has been canceled due to safety concerns. It was a gift for the audience as he managed to turn a disappointing situation into a magical moment his fans and himself will always remember.

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The show was supposed to be held in Tipsport Arena, so people were already waiting in the line and just hours before the start of the concert, the manager lets Jason know about the safety issues and concert cancelation.

As fans were waiting outside of the Arena since morning hours, anticipating for the popular singer’s performance, Jason didn’t want to leave them hanging and disappointed. Even though the show was rescheduled, he wanted to do more to make it up to them.

In the video he posted on Instagram, you can clearly see his concerns and determination to keep the show going. His fans were already out there and he is there, safe and sound, so he decided to make the best out of the situation.

“I’m going outside. Give me a megaphone or something,” he says.

Luckily, his crew supported him, they give him a microphone and he started singing hits like Talk Dirty and Swalla. There are numerous posts on social networks about this event. The fans were thrilled.

The 29-year-old singer wrote on Instagram: “The love and fellowship we shared last night will be forever tattooed on my heart.”

Jason Derulo’s continues his tour in Serbia tonight, and Poland on Tuesday. He is best known for his hits such as “Watcha Say” and “Wiggle.”

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