What do Freddie Mercury and Rami Malek actually share in common?

Much-anticipated movie about the widely known Queen’s front man Freddie Mercury finally arrived  to the big screens, and the most common word to describe it is `WOW`! The lead actor, Rami Malek (Emmy winner for his role in Mr. Robot) has shared some trivia from behind the scenes and all the things related to the movie.

Rami and Freddy, besides their similar looks, have a couple of things in common. They were both children of immigrants. Mercury`s parents were from Zanzibar (they moved to England when he was 17) while Malek`s are from Egypt. They both were teased when they were kids because of their unusual names. Freddie’s real name was Farrokh Bulsara, and Rami stumbled upon his name spelled out wrong a few times as well. When he was doing an interview, the teleprompter spelled his name as `Raw-Meat`.

Malek has done a lot of preparation for this role. Although, most of the time we hear Freddie`s original voice being used in the movie, Rami`s vocals can be heard in a Capella performances. He moved to London a couple of months before the actual shooting, and hired a vocal coach to prepare.

Choreographer Polly Bennet was hired to help him learn all the Freddie`s moves as well. It wasn`t just the moves and the looks, it was the essence of his personality that was the most important thing to embrace. The moment he realized that he was on the right track of getting into the character was when he put fake front teeth which Mercury was ashamed of, and constantly covered them while doing interviews.

“As soon as the teeth went in, I found myself covering my mouth just like he did“, Malek said. “It was so painful to think of what he might have gone through“.

Until this moment, “Bohemian Rhapsody“ made 51 million dollars, and the numbers are still going up. Whether you are a movie or a music fan, this movie is a must-watch, because it perfectly mixes the art of music and acting into one, making it a true masterpiece.

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