QUIZ: How well do you remember Game of Thrones – Season 7?

The winter without Game of Thrones was long and cruel, but April is finally coming! When GoT season 7 ended, it seemed like 2019. will never come. I was thinking to myself how boring life will be without it. But here it is, on Sunday, April 14th, Game of Thrones Season Finale starts. It has only 6 episodes and we can expect the final episode to fall on May 19th.

WOW! It’s getting real, the hype is rising and all I can think about now is a marathon of Season 7 to refresh my knowledge. It really surprises me how little I actually remember. So, to prepare for the next season, I recommend taking this QUIZ to check your knowledge of the previous one. Can you remember the little details or it is just a blur and you need to re-watch the whole season?

Do the quiz, refresh your memory and do it again until you get all 10 questions right. When you do, then you know are ready for Westeros.

Let’s start with the quiz, shall we? PAM PAM PA PA PAM PAM ♫

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 30 seconds per question. Are you ready?


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