Here are 10 Most Funny Tweets – Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 2

On last Sunday’s episode, our beloved characters got some closure which was terrific and horrifying at the same time. The show is coming to an end and only 4 episodes are left, it is pretty much possible that half of these characters will be gone next weekend. A long battle with our nerves is ahead of us.

That’s exactly why it is so great that we got these two calm episodes with epic conversations, emotional outbursts, funny comebacks, and human interaction at its best. We went through an endless number of painful moments with those characters, and we suffered with them through so many seasons, we deserve a little bit of jolliness and laughter.

Through this show, they have grown, and most importantly, they survived. It is so fulfilling to see the characters we invested so much of our time to interact with each other while facing the fact that it is the last night of their lives.

So many intelligent leaders gathered around the board to plan a strategy to fight the dead. All the great minds in one room. Nonetheless, it is probably leading to a huge disaster, but we are grateful to have those few good moments with them.

Before the eternal night comes, let’s laugh at some amazing Tweets that are popular these days. Let’s laugh now because it will hard to laugh after Episode 3.

10. Daenerys’s passion aggression

9. That’s the best strategy!

8. Teon and Sansa?

7. Coincidence?

6. Few marks can change things completely

5. Be careful, Tyrion

4. Broody Jon Snow

3. Hope he gets it wrong

2. The Mad Queen

1. Congratulations, you deserve it

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