QUIZ: What do you VALUE the most in life? Love or Success? Freedom or Stability?

What is the meaning of “core values”? The values are things that we believe are important to us, life’s navigators installed in our minds through early childhood. Usually, we feel like we are doing the right thing when we behave in coordination with our values and feel frustrated or even depressed when asked to behave opposite of what our values represent.

We all nurture many different values like love, money, success, stability, integrity… it’s different for each individual. But, most of the time, we are not even aware of what is important to us, or it is difficult for us to prioritize one value over the other. So we may always be bouncing back and forth finding it hard to choose between spending time with family or accepting job promotion.

Not knowing what our primary values are, makesĀ it hard to choose. But when we make a list of our most important values by order and prioritize, decision making will become much easier. If spending time with family is important, my biggest value is love, and my job promotion will include overtime work, I will reject the offer.

So, what is your number one value that guides you through life decisions? Find out in our newest WOW quiz!


Choose a house:

You get an opportunity to work on a beautiful tropical island for a great salary, how do you react?

Would you rather...

What kind of job do you prefer?

Which Friends character are you?

Which sentence describes you the most?

If you were rich, where would you invest?

Love, success, freedom...? What is the most important value in your life?

At the end of the day, all that matters to you are your loved ones, and spending quality time with them. You are assured that love is the only true meaning of living on this Earth and that's what guides you through life. Love will conquer all.

Most of the people on this Earth take health for granted, it is in human nature not to notice the things that are given to us until we lose them. But you are one of the few people that gets the importance of it and is grateful for a healthy body. You are not going to let some bad habits change that. Maybe you have learned this the hard way or it is just simply in your nature. So before anything else, you always take care of your health first, because you are aware that a healthy body is the starting point for any activity in life and if you lose it, nothing else will matter as much.

You want to make your dreams come true and do the things that fulfill you. It gives you the biggest satisfaction when you do something you are good at. When you have money and success, it opens a lot of opportunities to build a life of your dreams and it's important for you to keep trying to no matter what.

You are a very realistic person and you do not like unnecessary stress in your life. You have realized a long time ago that there are so many things that you can't control, so you are grateful when you get the opportunity to have at least a little bit of stability. You do not mind working hard or sacrificing your present for a better future. You like to keep both feet on the ground and enjoy the little things because that is the best possible recipe for life.

You are a brave individual who is in love with life. You do not take anything seriously and all you want is to experience everything that could be experienced and have some fun. You are allergic to boredom and you will agree to any kind of adventure, no matter what you get or lose at the end of it. It is important to live life fully and to cease the day.

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