Are you and Jason Momoa a good match?


I like Jason because he is...

My ideal workspace is...

My personality is closest to...

Which of these quotes is your life motto?

Which word describes you the most?

I can't tolerate...

Are you and Jason Momoa a good match?
You're soulmates

You go perfectly together, and if he ever meets you, Lisa should keep an eye on you.
Yes, but you are not soulmates

You would be a good fit, and you could have a happy relationship, but only if you had the will to work out through your differences.
Yes, but only as friends

You are a good fit, but not romantically. You could have a hell of a lot of fun as friends since you are both so enthusiastic and spontaneus.
Not at all, sorry

No, sorry, you would not get along, you want completely different things from life.

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