Which Queen member is your perfect match?


Which Queen song do you like the most?

Perfect boyfriend is...

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Do you often fight in relationships?

Which Queen song do you like the most?

I usually break up when...

Which Queen member is your perfect match?
Freddie Mercury

You are supportive and a kind lover, but sometimes you give more than you get in relationships. You tend to be with a unique, eccentric partner, but you may suffer because they are never fully committing. SHARE your RESULT here:
Brian May

You have a lot going on, and you need someone that fulfills you on a deeper level, someone kind, sensitive, understanding. Your relationships are usually wonderful, until they are not. Fights with your partner may be explosive, but you kiss and make up soon afterwards. SHARE your RESULT here:
John Deacon

You can't stand dramatic relationships. You mostly use your common senses, but family always comes first. You just want a man you could rely on. Someone who is always calm, and knows how to fix things around the house. SHARE your RESULT here:
Roger Taylor

You love passionate relationships and always commit yourself fully to the partner. You are fun and seductive and you've definitely broken a few hearts and felt how it is to have yours broken, too. SHARE your RESULT here:

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