Which “Sweetener” song describes your personality?


What's your favourite part about being an Arianator?

What's your texting style?


Which Sweetener line would you put as your Insta biography?



If you get to keep one thing in a fire, what would it be?

Which member of your friend group are you? 

What side of Ariana do you like the most?



Which "Sweetener" song describes your personality?

This song is so different from what we are used to hear from Ariana, but you are one of the few Arianators that gets it. And just like this track, you seem a bit odd at first, but once people get to know you, they can never get enough of you.

Congratulations, you are this album's most popular track. Just like this track, you are loved, and full of nurturing energy. You are someone that always takes care and protects people they love. Sometimes, your friends jokingly call you 'the mother' of the group. Long relationships are your thing and your emotional intelligence is highly developed. Also, you have many different talents and find it hard to choose what to devote yourself to the most. If you had a performance for this song on V.M.A.s, just like Ariana, you would probably get your momma and nanna on the stage with you, too. You are the glue that keeps your crew together. Keep up spreading the love. And don't forget to SHARE your RESULT!

Ohh, in this song, everything falls into place perfectly, it's just a masterpiece. And, that's what you are always trying to do, you always try to do your best in everything you do. Very ambitious and passionate person with some big dreams which you don't intend to stop making into reality. You always aim high and let nobody bring you down. Sometimes, you may get overwhelmed and feel like you need to remind yourself to keep breathing, but it is just because you care so much about what you do. Your friends usually come up to you for advice, and you are always better at giving advice than taking them. You like to keep organized and check 'to do' lists. But also, you have a creative side that you like to keep for yourself and your best friends. You are the kind of person that proves impossible things can happen. Keep up being an inspiration to others. And don't forget to SHARE your RESULT!

This song is so lovely and kind. It describes the sun after the storm, the beautiful feeling of positivity overwhelming you and that's exactly what you are. You are the sun shining, the delicate flower. An emotional soul, always smiling, always grateful. You like to keep things simple, hang out with friends and just be. You are the master of living in the moment and just making the best out of it. Hugging instead of saying just 'Hi', never hesitate to give a compliment. Your presence is something people cherish because you are always supportive of other people. There are days when you just like to scoop up in your pajamas and cry while watching love movies. But after the movie, you get vibrantly happy again. You are probably one of the truest Arianators. Loove animals and food. You are the person that turns simple things into something beautiful. Keep up shining. And don't forget to SHARE your RESULT!

Just like this song, you are the kind of person that likes sweet things in life. Always true to themselves, never spend time worrying what other people think. As a very honest person, you just do your thing and don't like to change it for nobody. Your friends look up to your strong character and consider you the person that never breaks and cries. They often ask you for an honest opinion about their clothes and if you say you don't like it, they will never get mad. Some people may think you are not flexible, but you just know what you want. You know there's only one life and you are not going to waste it on doing something you don't like. You always make amazing jokes, because you get straight to the point, but in a charismatic way. You are the person that keeps everyone feels stable. Keep up being fierce. And don't forget to SHARE your RESULT!

This dreamy song is a perfect soundtrack for your daydreaming sessions because just like this song, you are a true dreamer. An artistic soul that always sees things differently than others. You are pretty shy and easily get confused, but people love that about you. Once you relax and feel secure, you become a very funny person. You love giving people funny nicknames and you are the one that always memorizes events, so you like to tell fun stories about your crew. You are pretty analytical and you like to think about people's personalities, about society and the point of life. Even though you are pretty quiet, if there's a topic that is interesting to you, you wouldn't stop talking. You don't like taking risks. You are the person that makes people stop and think. Keep up waking people up. And don't forget to SHARE your RESULT!

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